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Latest projects supervised for WETA FX

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Sidney Kombo-Kintombo

Originally from Brazzaville, Congo in central Africa, I now live and work in Wellington, New Zealand.

I am a senior Animation supervisor at
Wētā FX

(formerly Weta Digital), where I have  contributed to the creation of animation for many major projects.

I also occasionally work in a mentoring capacity at Triggerfish and Animation Mentor and Emile Cohl Arts school.
After 15 years in the field of animation, I am still excited by the daily opportunity I have to meet, collaborate and befriend so many of the directors and artists who initially inspired me.


Growing up in my little Congo, I witnessed first hand how full of raw artistic talent the African continent is. Its youth, exuberant and passionate about storytelling, is ready, willing and eager to be initiated into the ways of the 7th art.

I have created the THIRD POLE to this end. To unveil what we do in the film industry and find ways to develop artistic programs that will guide our African youth to be able to work on western productions and ultimately tell their own stories, their own way.

To put together an education program, and a collaborative network that will bring work to the continent,  is the goal of the THIRD POLE initiative.



Animation Consultant


With an impressive track record, and over 20 years in the field of animation, encompassing both 2D and 3D expertise, Sidney brings a discerning perspective to enhance the quality of your animation, regardless of its specific style. His extensive experience grants him a critical eye that can elevate the overall standard of your animation production.

Creative Input

With a solid background in directing, concept design, storyboard, and previsualization, Sidney excels at complementing your story and assisting in realizing your vision. Through his expertise, he effectively identify any gaps that may exist, ensuring that your story reaches its full potential!

Animation Mentorship

At every chance, we embrace the opportunity to give back. Therefore, through collaborations with Animation Mentor, Emile Cohl School, and participation in various conferences, Sidney ardently shares their wealth of knowledge and experiences with aspiring young artists. The genuine hope being to inspire them, just as he is inspired by their unwavering passion for this art.



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